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This page contains information about preserved steamlocomotives around the world!
It is not a long list with wrecks standing somewhere on a scrapeyard or an ordinary database dump. Only those engines are mentioned where at least a picture or sufficient information is available. The database isn't complete yet and it probably will never be. If you have information that can contribute to this database, please mail it to nhp-productions (@) live.nl.
The setup of the site is as flexible as possible, allowing you to investigate the history of steamtrains per country, per manufacturer or otherwise. Have fun!

Currently the database contains:
The shop contains links to 51 books and 9 DVD's.
Engine :
3 / Tirol
Krauss & Comp. (Linz) / 4790 (1902)
Details: details
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On most pages you will find some buttons. They have the same function everywhere:
Gives detailed information on this particular item.
Shows a list based on the particular item.
Browses to a specific external webpage about this item.
Shows the next picture (if multple photos are available).
Shows the previous picture (if multiple photos are available).
Sorts items of a list descending (based on this column).
Sorts items of a list ascending (based on this column).
Links to a movie on youtube of this particular engine.
Used in the shop to represent books.
Used in the shop to represent video / dvds.

The last data update was on April 12, 2014.
The last technical update was on November 20, 2013.

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